ifttt + Evernote = Every tweet you’re interested in saved for later

I’ve recently discovered how powerful “ifttt” can be. I use it to scan Twitter for any references to my chosen hashtags and search terms, and it automatically saves them in my Evernote account for me to browse later.

If you’ve read some of this blog before you’ll know I’m a keen user of Evernote for organising myself both at school and at home (I’ll summarise the way I use it in a future post). Relatively recently I found out about ifttt (standing for ‘if this then that’), which is a web service that ‘puts the internet to work for you’. You create an account on it and set up a ‘triggers’ and actions’ in a range of channels such as Twitter, Gmail, and Dropbox to name a small fraction.

The idea is that you choose a ‘trigger’, an event on a particular channel (e.g. “there is a tweet by @teachgr“) and ifttt will monitor the internet for that event. You link it to an action, which can use the same or another channel (e.g. “save the tweet to my Evernote account in the ‘Tweets’ folder”.

The best use for this service that I’ve found so far is to save Tweets that contain both the #asechat hashtag and the word “KS3” in my Evernote account. Around once a week I check the relevant folder in my Evernote account and review what everyone on twitter has been saying about KS3 science teaching. The results have been incredibly helpful.

If you get an Evernote account only to try this out it’ll still be worth it (but I bet I could convince you to use Evernote for more stuff!). Alternatively you could get the relevant tweets emailed to you instead of saved. Give it a go and enjoy putting the internet to work for you!

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  1. I’m an nqt and started th year using Evernote to collat evidence. Forgot about for a month or two but slowly looking back into it. I’m particularly interested to read about how teachers use it to organise themselves. This seems like a great idea. Thanks.

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